May 29, 2018 Field Notes Released
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 5:57PM
Shauen & Krista
Writing from Nairobi, Kenya
May 29, 2018


During a recent seminary board meeting of a partner seminary in Africa, Shauen was asked to share about other seminaries on the continent. As he went through the list he realized how many different seminaries the LCMS is connected to across Africa. Each of these schools has a niche and an important ministry of forming church workers. The LCMS has missionaries serving at three of these formal institutions and supports all of them financially.  Theological education is the primary request we receive from the church bodies with whom we work and Shauen is a frequent visitor to many of these fine schools.  Here are the formal institutions supported by the LCMS in Eastern and Southern Africa: 
Rev. Eric Stinnett teaches at Mekane Yesus Seminary, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (photo by Shara Osiro)
Rev. Dr. Mark Rabe teaches at Mekane Yesus Seminary, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (photo by Shara Osiro)
Mekane Yesus Seminary - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • The largest seminary with support from the LCMS
  • Issues up to a Masters of Theology (accredited)
  • Students are almost exclusively members of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Mekane Yesus although there are some students from South Sudan
  • Two LCMS missionaries serving - Rev. Dr. Mark Rabe and Rev. Eric Stinnett
Matongo Lutheran Theological Seminary in Chebera, Kenya (photo by Carlotta Cisternas Tiews)
Matongo Lutheran Theological College - Matongo, Kenya
  • The premier conservative and confessional seminary in this area
  • Issues up to a Bachelors of Theology (accredited)
  • Students are from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, and other countries
  • One LCMS missionary serving - Rev. Dr. Tom Aadland and recruiting for another theological educator!
Shauen greets and encourages students at Lutheran Theological Seminary near Jinja, Uganda (photo by Rachel Meyer)
The Lutheran Theological Seminary - Magamaga, Uganda
  • Provides scholarships from its own means for refugee students from South Sudan or Ethiopia
  • Issues up to a Certificate in Theology
  • Students are exclusively members of the Lutheran Church of Uganda and the refugee congregations within Uganda
  • Two LCMS missionaries serving - Mark and Megan Mantey and recruiting for a theological educator!
St. Peter Lutheran Theological Seminary in Himo, Tanzania (photo by Shara Osiro)
St. Peter Lutheran Theological Seminary - Himo, Tanzania
  • We pray this will soon be the fourth seminary where we have a missionary serving - Rev. Jonathan Clausing is waiting on a Tanzanian work permit 
  • Issues up to a Certificate in Theology
  • Students are exclusively members of the Lutheran Church of East Africa
Lucky Mia from the Lutheran Church of Southern Africa studies at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa
Lutheran Theological Seminary - Pretoria, South Africa
  • Seminary in transition with a new principal and a change in its funding model
  • Issues up to a Statement of Results
  • Students come from across Africa including several Lutheran church bodies in South Africa, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Uganda, and Ethiopia
In addition, the LCMS is eager to begin providing some level of support to the Concordia Lutheran Institute for the Holy Ministry in Yambio, South Sudan and Asella Lutheran Theological Seminary in Asela, Ethiopia. 

Beyond seminaries, the LCMS also supports pre-seminary programs like the Mission Training Center program designed for lay leaders and evangelists. This program has been used in many of the countries in this area and is currently being used in Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda with requests from Rwanda and South Africa who already have the training materials in hand. Yesterday the MTC Coordinator from Uganda, Rev. Paul Sserwaniko who was in Shauen's TEE class when we first arrived in East Africa more than nine years ago, came to our East Africa Field Office in Nairobi to collect hundreds of pounds of MTC books to take to Uganda for use by their 137 students currently enrolled in the MTC program there. 

The LCMS also supports post-seminary education, primarily in the form of continuing education courses on a topic of the local church body’s choice. This provides not only for the opportunity to engage Scripture but also the rare opportunity to fellowship together, particularly for pastor’s wives who often have never met another pastor’s wife before an opportunity like this. The course may be provided by a church leader, local seminary professor, or a missionary - but always on a topic of their choice for the sake of those to whom they joyfully bring the Gospel.

Praise the Lord for His amazing work through those he calls into ministry across Eastern and Southern Africa!

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For the hundreds of pastoral and deaconess students studying at Lutheran seminaries in South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan

For our missionaries who teach at and directly support seminaries and theological education

For financial support for the work done through our own hands and for the programs, projects, and grants the LCMS supports in our area

For wisdom, discernment, and patience for Shauen and Krista in their work as spouses, parents, and missionaries
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For Jeremiah sleeping through the night 

For the mutual support and joys of marriage in the face of hardship

For restoration of health for our family after illness was passed between us for about two months

For an amazing team of missionaries and local workers - true heroes of the church - who work alongside us in this area

For Shauen's safe travels and good visits during recent trips to South Africa, Rwanda, Malawi, and Tanzania
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