Elijah Considers Consequences for His Brother
Monday, May 20, 2019 at 8:55PM
Shauen & Krista

Elijah, age 7: "Isaiah [age 5] wasn’t helping pick up. So I was thinking about consequences. Maybe he should have no TV or maybe he can’t play with house three [neighbors] on the weekend… You have a choice."

Shauen: "Okay. You’re right. He wasn’t picking up like I had asked. But he was playing with Jeremiah [almost 2 years old], and that was helping both of us so that Jeremiah wouldn’t take toys out as you were trying to pick them up, huh? So he was still helping, but he should’ve asked me first if that’s what he could do."

Elijah: "Yeah. Maybe then just a time out or a talking to."

Shauen: "Okay. Thank you..."

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