Dates We Celebrate

Shauen - April 10
Krista - January 29
Josiah - December 19
Elijah - December 22

June 9, 2007

SHAUEN - Shauen was born in Northern California but grew up in Tacoma, Washington. He graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in electrical engineering. After working for two years in the Seattle area, his company moved him to the Raleigh area in North Carolina where he worked for another 3 years before moving to St Louis to enter Concordia Seminary.

KRISTA - Krista (Krenzke) was born in Wisconsin but moved to Liberia as a baby. Her parents were Bible translators with Lutheran Bible Translators. Her family moved back to the States when she was 9 years old. She graduated from Concordia University St Paul with a degree in Christian Outreach and spent her two-year internship teaching English and Religion at a bilingual Lutheran High School in Tisovec, Slovakia. Afterwards, she moved to St Louis to study nursing at St Louis University.

WEDDING BELLS RANG - We happened to both move to St Louis the exact same month and both got jobs at Crave Coffeehouse, a Gospel Outreach at Christ in the City Lutheran Church. We married about two years later. Krista graduated nursing school and worked as an RN in Labor & Delivery. In May 2008, Shauen finished his three years of academic studies at Seminary and began his two-year international vicarage in Uganda on June 1, 2008. In the spring of 2010 Shauen accepted his first call to serve as Mission Facilitator for Kenya and Tanzania with LCMS World Mission. In spring of 2014, Shauen was promoted to serve as LCMS Area Director for Eastern and Southern Africa.

THEN WE WERE THREE...FOUR...FIVE...SIX! - Since moving overseas we have joyfully wecolmed our four beautiful sons: Josiah, Elijah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. Our life is now filled with much less sleep, much more stress and an infinite amount of joy - we wouldn't have it any other way!