SHAUEN -
        KRISTA -


        Shauen & Krista Trump
        P. O. Box 22
        Karen 00502

        PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY CASH OR CHECKS IN YOUR LETTER! If you do, it's almost guaranteed
        to magically disappear before reaching us. If you do want to financially support us, please go to Support Us to learn how. If you
        want to give us a personal gift for things such as birthdays, Christmas, etc., please send us an email and we will let you know
        where to send your gift.

        Before mailing us a package, please contact us via email. We probably know of someone who will be visiting Nairobi soon
        who could bring us your package which saves you money in postage. If you are mailing us a package, plan on your package
        taking around four to six weeks to arrive - despite what the US Postal Service may tell you.

        If you're interested in sending us a care package, first of all, thank you! Secondly, here's an idea of some of the things we would
        love to receive (although we certainly don't need):
                -Coffemate powdered creamer (we both love French Vanilla & Hazlenut and Shauen is obsessed with Peppermint Mocha)
                -semisweet baking chocolate - Krista is having fun teaching herself how to make candy (dark chocolate truffles, peanut
                  butter cups, etc.)
                -Cheerios or Whole Wheat Goldfish - the boys loves these as snacks
                -bacon bits
                -brown sugar
                -DVD's (they don't need to be new, used are just fine - Krista favors romantic comedies, Shauen favors action/suspense,
                  we both enjoy shows like The Closer, Bones, Castle, etc.)
                -magazines (Krista loves Cooking Light, Real Simple, Food Network, Martha Stewart etc. Shauen loves Popular Science)
                -any gift for the boys - toys (cars, puzzles, Legos, etc.) or books (they all LOVE books)
                -stickers (pretty much any stickers but especially those involving animals or cars/trains/airplanes/etc.)
                -any craft-like activity/materials (markers, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc.)
                -anything having to do with construction vehicles, in particular excavators, or actually anything with wheels (trains,
                  firetrucks, airplanes, etc.)
                -clothes for Josiah (he is boy's size 5)
                -clothes for Elijah (he is size 3T)
                -clothes for Isaiah (he is size 12-18 months)
                -most importantly, any personal letter or card, we especially love these!